Abortionists Mervyn and Milroy Samuel

In the summer of 2013, Created Equal began an awareness campaign in Columbus, OH focusing on abortionists Mervyn and Milroy Samuel. Just over a year later, the Samuels announced they would cease performing abortions.


  • Phase 1: We distributed flyers surrounding their facilities. (Summer 2013)
  • Phase 2: We exposed hospitals granting privileges to these abortionists. See photos
  • Running concurrently was ongoing outreach at the facility where they were killing children. See photos.
  • The Samuels stopped committing abortions. (August 2014)

NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio Executive Director Kellie Copeland confirmed the success of our campaign. Commenting on the Samuel’s decision to quit, she stated:

For months, anti-choice extremists have targeted the doctors at Complete Healthcare for Women because they provided their patients with abortion care in addition to their other obstetric and gynecological services. These doctors have been harassed at their practice, and protesters have picketed a hospital where they have admitting privileges. I would not be surprised if this campaign of harassment played a role in their decision to stop providing abortion care to their patients. No one should face this harassment for providing constitutionally protected health care services.i (emphasis added).

Why did the Samuels choose not to renew their ambulatory surgical facility license? Copeland credits the work of Created Equal. Regardless, this is good news for preborn children in Ohio.

i Copeland, Kellie. “Statement On Decision By Complete Healthcare for Women to Stop Providing Surgical Abortion Care.” Viewed online at: http://www.prochoiceohio.org/media/press/20140828.shtml on 29 August 2014.