How You Can Help

Created Equal staff and interns spend a lot of time outside abortion clinics around the country, but we
can’t be everywhere. We need sidewalk counselors and abortion clinic protesters around the country to
be our eyes and ears. Here’s what you can do.

Help Us Collect Information

  • Take pictures and video of medical waste trucks that pick up at abortion clinics.
  • Send them to
  • Collect information on abortionists and medical waste providers who contract with abortionists.

Lead #ProjectWeakLink in Your Own Community

  • Distribute flyers door-to-door in neighborhoods to expose abortionists and those who enable abortion.
  • Expose abortionists at the hospitals where they have admitting privileges, their private practices, etc. Expose enablers before their other customers.
  • Hold pro-life signs on busy intersections and overpasses where abortionists and their enablers operate as part of the overall public awareness effort meant to expose their evil deeds.
  • Contact us for help leading this effort.

If you have photos or videos to share or interested in being involved in any capacity, email us at or fill out our contact form HERE.

Examples of photo/video submissions