Specific Waste Industries

Specific Waste Dumps Kentucky’s Last Abortion Clinic but Remains an Enabler.

On November 7, 2017, Created Equal launched phase two of #ProjectWeakLink, aimed at persuading Specific Waste Industries to stop enabling the abortion cartel by disposing of aborted babies. On November 10, 2017, Specific Waste communicated that they had ceased to provide medical waste services for Kentucky’s last remaining abortion clinic and other killing centers in the Midwest.

However, Specific Waste continues to service abortion centers in the Midwest such as the Planned Parenthood in Columbus, OH. Watch this video:

Take Action:

  • Contact CEO Victor Anderson at 502-425-2770 to demand that Specific Waste stop enabling the abortion holocaust.
  • Send Victor Anderson, CEO of Specific Waste, an email to request that Specific Waste stop disposing of aborted children. Click HERE to send your email.
  • Please send us information about abortionists or medical waste companies that service Planned Parenthood and other abortion centers in your area.