Accu-Medical Waste Services, Inc.

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According to the Ohio Attorney General’s report Planned Parenthood Investigation Summary Regarding Disposal of Aborted Fetuses, Accu-Medical was identified by Planned Parenthood as disposing of aborted children and the instruments used to kill them for several abortion facilities in Ohio.  According to the investigative summary, Planned Parenthood used Accu-Medical as well as another company to dispose of its biological waste (including aborted fetuses).  During the course of the investigation, the Ohio Attorney General’s office learned that aborted fetuses are ultimately disposed of in a landfill.

  • Watch the 10TV investigative report showing Accu-Medical enabling the Columbus, OH Planned Parenthood to kill babies and throw them into landfills.
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As of April 2016, Accu-Medical has ceased disposing of aborted fetuses for Planned Parenthood and other abortion facilities. In a letter written to Mark Harrington, Jim Parks, President of Accu-Medical, wrote that “the media report that Accu-Medical has ceased the disposal of all fetal tissue and remains is correct.”

Accu-Medical was recently purchased by Stericycle and now is operating under their medical waste protocol that excludes accepting aborted fetal remains..