Killers of preborn children live and work among us. Their enablers dwell in our communities. Most residents don’t know who they are. These abortionists and their enablers attend our local churches, shop at our grocery stores, and purchase fuel at the corner gas station.

But they don’t wear signs on their chests reading “I kill children” or “I enable the killers.”

That is why Created Equal conducts the Project Weak Link. We will make them known for their participation in the holocaust of abortion. We hope that by raising awareness we will lead them to cease their involvement in abortion and use their skills to better serve humanity.

Abortion is a business. Therefore, like any other business, abortion depends on supply and demand. The supply side is affected by exposing abortion enablers, such as medical waste companies. According to the abortion industry’s own experts, medical waste companies, which dispose of the victims and instruments used to kill them, are the industry’s Achilles’ Heel. Medical waste companies are similar to the crematorium operators in the Jewish Holocaust, upon which the systematic destruction of European Jewry depended.

We, therefore, expose those who collaborate with abortion through the same methods used to bring public pressure upon the killers themselves. If abortionists can’t dispose of dead babies, they will be forced to stop killing them or find illegal means to dispose of them by themselves.

Join us

We need your help.

  • Collect information on abortionists and medical waste providers who collaborate with them. Send photos and video to contact@createdequal.org.

You can also lead this effort in your own community. With our help, here is what you can do:

  • Distribute flyers to expose abortionists and those who enable abortion.
  • Expose abortionists at the hospitals where they have admitting privileges, their private practices, etc. Expose enablers to their other customers.
  • Hold pro-life signs on busy intersections and overpasses where abortionists and their enablers operate as part of the overall public awareness effort meant to expose their evil deeds.

To join the effort, click HERE.