Stop Curtis Bay from Burning Babies for Electricity

Use our petition to contact Curtis Bay CEO Mark Schifani:

The undersigned, are outraged that Curtis Bay Energy is collaborating with the abortion industry through its collection, transportation, and disposal of aborted children and the instruments used to kill them.

Additionally, Curtis Bay Energy uses an incinerator to burn aborted babies for energy.

The bottom line is: Curtis Bay Energy needs to stop doing the dirty work of the abortion cartel. If abortionists want to kill babies, they should have to deal with the dead bodies themselves.

We demand that Curtis Bay Energy immediately stop collaborating with the abortion cartel.

We are committed to standing with pro-life Americans to stop Curtis Bay Energy from enabling the abortion industry’s number one killer – Planned Parenthood – from murdering thousands of innocent children.

Stop Burning Babies

Dear Mr. Schifani,

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